Coach Pitch (ages 7-8)

This is instructional division where players can develop their throwing, fielding, and batting skills. Coaches will pitch to the players from approximately 35-40 feet. Outs are recorded, but base running is limited once the ball is controlled by the defense. If 3 outs are recorded, the inning ends. If not, the entire team will bat once per inning. With coach pitch, players are given maximal chances to hit, up to 6 pitches per at bat.

Minors (ages 9-10)

This is an instructional division that introduces a competitive element to developing players. Players do the pitching and balls/strikes are called with an umpire. Scoring is limited to 5 runs per team per inning until the last inning. Games are 6 innings. Each player is required to play a minimum of 2 innings and 1 at bat per game. Because of young developing pitchers, young batters may not have the opportunity to hit as many good pitches as they are accustomed to from coach pitch. There are typically a few games against teams from other towns (interleague games).

Majors (ages 11-12)

This is a more competitive division that aims to continue teaching baseball to developing players. Games are 6 innings. Certified umpires will be present. Each player is required to play a minimum of 2 innings and 1 at bat per game. There are typically several games against teams from other towns (interleague games), although most games will be against other Lower Burrell teams. Lower Burrell teams will have a playoff against each other in late June.

Juniors (ages 13-14)

This is a competitive division played on a full sized baseball diamond (90 foot basepaths, 60 feet, 6inch pitching distance. The majority of the schedule will be against teams from other towns within Little League District 26. Games are 7 innings. Players must play a minimum of 2 innings per game Regular season games will be scheduled through the end of June with a playoff at the end of the season.